Our Virtual WINE THING!
Date: Sun, April 19 beginning at 9am
You have until midnight on Thurs, April 23 to return the order form (download below) by email to: cabernetco@earthlink.net

Obviously you can't taste but it's still a sale! We've added some simple tasting notes for each wine and WINE THING discounts still apply. Remember you can get as much as 24% off depending on how many bottles you purchase.

There are 91 wines to choose from. I'll be in the shop on Sunday manning the phone from 10am til 4pm. If you have any questions at all, or need suggestions, just call us at (630) 469-2644, or email: cabernetco@earthlink.net

Click here to view the order form.

Or, for a printable copy...Click here" and then print.
If you'd like to save a copy of the printable order form, you can also Right Click and select "Save link as...".

Like we said, this is a big sale! Discounts increase with the number of bottles you order. Order 1 to 5 bottles and your total discount is 5%. When you order 6 bottles, your discount is 6% on everything. Order 7 bottles and your discount is 7%. The discount increases with the total number of bottles purchased, until you reach 24 bottles. Your discount will max out at 24% off but you're welcome to purchase more. In fact, we hope you do. Don't stop at 24. Keep going!

One other thing, since this is all online and we don't have to worry about headcount in the shop, please feel free to pass this on to friends, family and neighbors. The more the merrier...



For the foreseeable future we'll be in the shop:
Weekdays and Saturdays: noon to 6pm
Sundays: closed
The shop is open for those of you who wish to come in - we just ask you respect everyone's space. We're also offering curb-side pick-up if you call ahead, and even free local delivery to Glen Ellyn and Wheaton when you order a minimum of six bottles of wine. Call us at (630) 469-2644 before 5pm, we'll try to deliver before or just after 6pm that same day. No delivery charge.


Watch this space for rescheduled tastings.

Cabernet & Company Wine Shop is located in beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn, at 434 N. Main Street.
We can be found on the west side of Main Street, just south of Duane. We're about a block south of the RR tracks.

Free street parking is often available in front of the store or across the street. There is also a metered parking lot located between Hill and Duane, one-half block to our south on the west side of the street. Glen Ellyn has the cheapest parking meters in the U.S., just 5 cents buys you an hour of parking!