Cabernet & Co. offers a few choices when it comes to our Wine Clubs... something for everybody. All Clubs monthly delivery include a review of the wines and a recipe to compliment each wine. The wines may be from anywhere in the world and may be of any type, but we guarantee the wines will always be dry.

Our Wine Club makes a great gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas... or just as a monthly treat to yourself! We can package the first month's delivery with your choice of stemware to make a REALLY special gift. Do you have something else in mind? Just ask!

All Red Club or All White Club $35 per month*
This Club was designed for anyone who prefers only red or only white wine. You will receive two bottles each month, either red or white, whatever you decide.

Variety Club $35 per month*
Two bottles of the same wine are chosen each month, two red or two white. The Variety Club alternates between red and white every other month.

Reserve Club $65 per month*
In this Club, we send you two different bottles of wine each month. They are the same color, but totally different selections. These are premium wines, some of which are limited, while others are simply too good to miss. They may be related through the winemaker, the winery or the varietal. We´┐Żll always have some reason for pairing them together.

* The monthly prices include sales tax & delivery. The minimum term for all Clubs is three months.